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Startup accelerator

Do you have a new idea or technology innovation?

We provide management consulting to SMEs and startups and work as commercialisation consultants for technological innovations. Typically these innovations are developed by technology experts and these experts need support and advice to commercialise the products or services, to create a business based on the innovation and how to take manage the financial aspects. We work as an accelerator for technology innovations and startups. When the startup is established, we would like to be co founders or partners with the best ones in the longer run.

  • Advice
  • Mentors
  • Community
  • Hands-on support
  • Connections
  • Money
Startup accelerator

Startup acceleration services and business development for high-level technology innovations.

At the moment we are working with several ideas and innovations, most of which will be patented.

Innovations are going to be accelerated to become startup companies.

We are looking for new technology innovations
Startup accelerator

We are a small, flexible business consultancy company that provides support for startups and SMEs.
We work flexibly with clients to fulfil their business needs.